Hi5 Life Time Manager

Discover the first app from our innovative Hi5 Life suite. Unveil a new era of efficiency with our 3-in-1 Timer, Alarm Clock and Stopwatch. Check it out in the stores.

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Hi5 Life Calculator

Welcome to Hi5 Life Calculator, where simplicity meets functionality. Embrace its minimalist modern design and customize its color scheme to match your preferences. Download now!

Privacy and Performance

Both Hi5 Life Time Manager and Hi5 Life Calculator stand as ad-free, user-friendly apps. Your privacy remains protected; we neither track your location nor collect your private data. Best of all, the Hi5 Life Calculator and Time Manager come at no cost to you. Begin using them today and enjoy the experience.

Coming Soon - Hi5 Life

Anticipate the launch of Hi5 Life - a revolutionary suite of apps designed to redefine your digital experience. Reclaim control over your data in contrast to invasive apps that compromise your privacy. Hi5 Life is fortified with robust encryption, ensuring your data remains exclusively accessible to you.

Elevate your daily routines - from managing schedules and to-do lists to safeguarding encrypted notes. Seamlessly synchronize your files across devices, clouds, and local storage. Experience countdown timers, and alarms for heightened efficiency.

Prepare to enter a new realm of privacy and productivity with Hi5 Life.

About Us

At the heart of our identity is a team of dedicated good global citizens who are determined to change how the internet works and restore the decency and strong privacy protection every human being deserves. Away from the prying eyes of advertisers, big data manipulators, and hackers, who are constantly buying and selling your data to the highest bidders who in turn are continually stealing from you or forcing you to buy more, eat more, or change your views on life in return for money which comes out of all users of technology’s pockets.

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